Mischief Maker - Classic Orange

  • Authentic Wooden Slingshot!
    The Slingshot: a truly classic toy. The kind of toy that lets a kid play like a kid. Like the classic, our Mischief Maker Slingshot is made from real wood for an authentic feel and is designed to only shoot soft foam balls. The soft foam ball is held in place until shot out of the slingshot. Super easy to use.

    The Mischief Maker comes with 4 soft foam balls and a handy storage bag in a beautiful color box. Makes a great gift.

    The full-color design looks amazing in the hand, popping out of a pocket or awaiting the next adventure on the bookshelf. So go ahead, let them make a little mischief with their very own Mischief Maker!

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  • Ages: 4 and Up
    Manufacturer: Mighty Fun
    Includes: Slingshot, 4 soft foam balls and storage bag.
    Build: Two layers of wood with a soft foam middle.
    Materials: Non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and environmentally-friendly wood, soft EVA foam balls, cloth storage bag
    Attention: Do not aim or shoot this product at other kids, grown-ups, animals or delicate objects(windows, lamps, etc.); Do not try to shoot any object other than foam balls; Do not alter this product in any way. If wood gets wet, please dry off right away; Please Play with care and have fun!

  • Designed to only work with foam balls.
    Easy to use: shoots over 25 feet.
    Foam ball is held in place before being shot.
    Better design, better materials, better play.
    Made with real wood, kid-safe, top-quality and non-toxic.

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